What Is Silk Base Closure?


What is silk base closure:
A silk base closure comes silk base technology, silk base technology is a special technology for the hair-receiving industry. His naming is named after the technology. In fact, this technology was used more than 10 years ago, perhaps because of the cost, it has been hidden by the industry. The increase in income and the increase in the requirements for reissue and weaving have been taken up by technicians in the industry in the past two years.

Silk base closure process:
The manufacturing process of silk base is more complicated than the general process. It is to first pass the hair on the first layer of mesh material and then pass the hair through the other layer of mesh material. And the hairpin of silk base is not only technically demanding but also time consuming. The reason why he is favored by people is that he looks exactly like the scalp from above and is very realistic. The requirements of the hand-needle technology for the net material are also very high, not too thick or too thin.

Silk base closure grade:
The hairpin technology of the hairpin technology is also divided into many grades like the ordinary hairpin. The difference between the grades is the detail processing in the production process. Some factories can achieve excellence, while some factories can not meet the high standards. It will be rough. The processing of the details is related to the experience of the technician. The quality of the details is directly affected and the price.

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